Working Around Moving Equipment

Construction sites, highway construction, manufacturing plants (big and small) all use mobile equipment such as cranes, trucks, earth movers, fork lifts and / or other material handling equipment to help with their work.

The following are a few of the best practices for ensuring that you are not “Caught In”, “Struck By”, or “Run Over” by these machines:

  • Only authorized persons should operate and maintain equipment.
  • Always do a pre-task inspection of the equipment to identify any defects that might affect the safe operation.
  • Ensure that all controls are maintained and functional as designed.
  • Any equipment modifications must be original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts or must meet OEM specifications.
  • Never position yourself in pinch-point areas while equipment is running.
  • Operators must remain in the equipment cab while the machine is running.
  • Never work or travel in the articulating area of the equipment without first locking and blocking the machine to prevent the machine from moving.
  • Consider the turning radius and geometry of the equipment when evaluating potential pinch points.
  • Never depend on hydraulic systems to hold equipment stationary during repairs or maintenance.
  • Use a flagger or spotter to protect both the machine operator and pedestrians.
  • Develop a “Traffic Control Plan” to control the flow of equipment, materials, and workers. The plan should be dynamic to maintain safe buffer zones as the project and work progresses.


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