Your Home. Your Stuff. Protect it!

Over 2.5 million home intrusions are reported every year, and less than 20% of burglars are ever caught and arrested. Here is some advice to avoid becoming a part of these statistics.

Protect Your Property
Work with your neighbors and look out for one another.
Lock all doors and windows before leaving the house, or going to bed.
Keep the garage door closed and lawn mowers, snow blowers, bicycles, etc. out of sight.

Protect Your Valuables
Make a property identification list (note model and serial numbers).
Make photocopies of credit cards.

Have A Plan When You Go Out Of Town
Ask a neighbor, family member, or friend to check on your house.
Don’t leave a message on your voice mail or social media that indicates you’re not home.

Report Suspicious Persons To Police Immediately
Unfamiliar subjects on bikes or foot; burglars in these cases will be carrying backpacks.
Slow moving cars; try to get a description of the vehicle, driver, occupant(s), and license plate number.