3 “P”s of Winter Driving

Winter driving can be a dangerous and challenging adventure when you have to contend with ice and snow. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and OSHA have issued an article titled “Safe Winter Driving”. The article describes ways to put the three Ps of winter driving (prepare, protect, and prevent) into motion in your daily lives.


Keep your car well maintained and have snow cleaning / removal equipment handy. For longer trips you should also carry basic survival supplies (i.e. water, blanket, snacks, first aid kit, etc.). Don’t forget your cell phone and phone charger for emergency use. Plan your trip to allow plenty of time and let others know your route and travel time. Be familiar with the handling characteristics of your car under all driving conditions. If you are not comfortable or experienced driving under adverse conditions – stay off the roads or let someone else drive.


Always buckle up and make sure your passengers are too. If your vehicle breaks down pull as far off the roadway as possible, stay in the car, and call for help. For road emergencies in Ohio call 9-1-1 or call 1-877-7-PATROL (1-877-772-8765). For additional driving safety tips check out the Ohio State Highway Patrol website.


Drugs, alcohol, and texting never mix with driving. Studies have shown that texting and talking on a cell phone while driving can actually be more dangerous than impaired driving – hang up and drive! To report a suspected impaired or erratic driver in Ohio call 1-800-GRAB DUI (1-800-472-2384) on your cell phone. Don’t let aggressive and erratic driving on someone else’s part draw you into a “road rage” situation that leads to an accident that could have been prevented on your part. Slow down and increase your distance between cars. Be a courteous and defensive driver!

Remember! Most accidents are caused by drivers following too closely and failing to yield and maintain control.


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