Auto Theft: Crime of Opportunity

For most of us, our vehicles are an essential part of our lives. What would happen if your car vanished without warning? Most automobile thefts or break-ins are either a crime of opportunity or a result of a thief canvassing a location or situation. Here are some common sense tips to help prevent automobile theft at home, work, and while traveling.

  • Lock your doors.
  • Keep your windows up.
  • Don’t leave your car running.
  • Clean the GPS ring off the windshield.
  • Park your car in a well-lit area.
  • Park your vehicle where it is visible from the street.
  • Use anti-theft device whenever you leave your vehicle.
  • Do not leave anything in plain sight (valuables, spare keys, electronics, backpacks).
  • If you must leave valuables in your vehicle put them in the trunk before reaching your destination. Doing this will prevent would-be thieves from knowing what is in your vehicle.

If you are there when someone is stealing your car or items from your car, do not be a hero.
Your goal is to survive the situation unharmed.
Call the police once you are safe.