Safety Scores a Touchdown

This is Scott Goodwin bringing you highlights of yesterday’s game between The Employees and The Injuries. The Employees have been winning all season, and last night was no different as they took an early lead to dominate the entire game. “We run the plays on the field just like we practice them; no exceptions,” explained The Employees coach. “Each player used all the right moves to avoid strains, sprains, and back injuries.”

Defensive Strategy for Avoiding Sprains and Strains
“We saw a lot of opportunities for sprains and strains to slow us down, like we do every day,” said The Employee’s linebacker. “As we all know, a sprain is over-stretching the muscle, and a strain is damaging the muscle enough for it to tear.”  Well, this defense has been impenetrable all season due to their simple and effective strategy: consult their doctors before beginning a new strenuous play, warm up before each activity, continue building strength and endurance, and know their body’s limitations.

Offensive Strategy for Avoiding Back Injuries
Another key to their victory was avoiding those back injuries, which almost always takes an Employee out of the game. In this case proper lifting techniques helped score the touch down.
“I always practice what my coach taught me and I always make it into the end zone,” bragged The Employee’s running back. “I grasp the object firmly, hold it close to my body, lift with my legs, use my feet instead of my body to make turns, follow the cleared path, and count on help from teammates.”

I have a feeling that if The Employees keep practicing these safety strategies they will definitely win every season, every time!