Time Change Affects Safety

Daylight Saving Time has ended. Even after getting an extra hour of sleep, our internal body clocks can take up to a week to acclimate to this schedule shift. This may result in feeling temporarily sluggish which can impact our reaction time, decision making skills, and concentration. Studies have shown that accidents increase around this time. By being aware of this, we can prevent incidents by staying alert and adding a little extra focus on our tasks.

Time Change Checklist

  • Check and replace the batteries in your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors.
  • Check and replace the batteries in your flashlights.
  • Check to see if your fire extinguishers need recharging or replaced.
  • Check and replace any burned out light bulbs, inside and outside.
  • Properly dispose of expired medicines.
  • Prepare a winter emergency kit for your automobile.