Complacency in the Workplace: Don’t be a Zombie

Complacency can be defined as self-satisfaction, often combined with a lack of awareness of hazards. Complacency is extremely hazardous in the workplace. We get so used to things being done the same way that we do not always look at the hazards that may surround us. We also may underestimate the risk of tasks that we perform regularly, or fail to notice a change in our environment when we become complacent in our daily routines. Continue Reading →

“MOW Before You Mow!”

It’s finally time to drag out the mowers and to find the time to stay one cutting ahead of the neighbors. A good start towards mower safety is to follow a simple safety rule called “MOW before you mow!” Continue Reading →

Practicing Job Safety Is A Requirement

Do you take chances at home, work, or play? Have you ever cut corners and done something at risk? Are you a gambler and willing to take chances? Continue Reading →

“Social Distancing” Does Not Mean “Social Isolation”

In light of everything that is going on today with social distancing, we must stay connected now more than ever. It is imperative for our mental health to have a sense of community, togetherness, and emotional connections.  Continue Reading →