Rationalizing Unsafe Choices

Deciding to follow every single safety rule or procedure does not come natural to us. We constantly have to work towards making the right decisions every single day. Many times individuals find ways to rationalize not working safely. It is important for each employee to recognize this error trap and address it when it arises. Continue Reading →

Carbon Monoxide – the Silent Killer

Each year, Carbon Monoxide (CO) kills more than 400 people, hospitalizes almost 5,000 people, and is responsible for more than 20,000 hospital visits. Everyone is at risk of CO poisoning in both the home and the workplace. Continue Reading →

Fire Protection Month

October is National Fire Awareness Month. A time when we all should be aware of ways to respond during a fire hazard. Continue Reading →

Leaf the Injuries Out of It

The fall season often involves house and yardwork. Here are ways to be safe and get the jobs done! Continue Reading →