ALL for One and One for All

What does this mean? All members of a group support each individual member. They all have a common goal and work together to reach that goal.

Considering these actual Near Misses:

  • Workers on a roof dislodged an abandoned pipe inside a building and the pipe fell over production line.
  • Workers grading a site dug up a live 220v electrical service wire buried a foot below grade.
  • Worker felt dizzy and taken to doctor after operating a gas powered tool inside an unventilated space.
  • Worker had minor fender bender with another parked vehicle while backing work truck in parking lot.

These near misses all have a common theme the “Safe Plan of Action” only focused on the easily visible hazards and most obvious safety risks right in front of the worker. The hidden safety risks were below the roof – not on top. The risks were underground – not on the surface. The risks were in the inhaled air – not with the cutting tool or operation. The risks were behind the driver – not in front where visibility was good.

When you complete a “Safe Plan of Action” before starting a task, stop to look around, above, behind, under, and beyond your work area to determine / uncover the hidden safety risks. Use your expertise, experience, and insight to help yourself and others make safe decisions. We are all accountable for each other’s actions.

So, who is accountable for ensuring all the hidden and potential safety risks are identified and addressed? You are! I am! We are! We are all accountable for our own safety as well as the safety of each other. If one person fails, we all fail. It’s that simple! Safety is both an individual and a group effort.