Leaf The Injuries Out of It

Each year there are around 28,000 injuries related to leaf disposal!
Hand tools account for over 50,000 injuries per year.

More than 250,000 people fell while at heights.
There are over 204 billion leaf bearing trees in the United States or around 650 trees per person.

Reminders during yard cleanup:
• Warm up and stretch before going out to rake leaves and perform fall
cleanups. Keep your muscles loose and hydrate with water often.
• Be sure to lift correctly and avoid twisting at the waist.
• Use gloves to prevent blisters and also switch hands during raking to not
put excess strain on a shoulder or back.
• Wear gloves when reaching into the gutters to remove leaves and sticks.
• Practice ladder safety and keep your body between the side rails and hold on.
• Be cautious around electrical wires and ALWAYS look up when placing a ladder.
• If you are on the roof, be extremely careful as the majority of your body
mass is above the waist causing you to be top heavy.
• Make sure a family member or neighbor is aware that you are on the roof in case something happens.
• Raking leaves onto a tarp requires pulling it, don’t overload the tarp or bag.
• Take your time, enjoy the outdoors and For Safety’s Sake, Do Something to protect yourself from injury!

Common injuries are:
• Ergonomic injuries and cramping from raking and bending over in a bad posture.
• Heart attack due to the strenuous work.
• Hearing damage from leaf blowers and equipment without using hearing protection.
• Eye injuries from blowing leaves that have been chopped or from dust created from mulching.
• Burns from those trying to burn the leaves in fire pits.
• Hand injuries from clogged tools and blisters from raking.
• Respiratory problems from the dust created from composting leaves or from burning them.
• Punctures or lacerations from sticks that are collected with the leaves.
• Contusions and broken bones from jumping into leaf piles, they really don’t provide cushion. 

At home, work or play, it’s Safety every day! Safety Always!