Office Outlet Overload

Electrical safety in the office is extremely important. Even a small amount of electrical current can be damaging to our body. It can cause nerve damage or paralysis. Misusing electricity could result in many accidents, including fire. Did you know that electrical fires kill more than 700 people a year?

Please Remember:

  • Check for damaged cords and replace if necessary.
  • Do not run cords across walkways and door. They cause tripping hazards.
  • Do not overload circuits with too many plugs.
  • Never pull a plug out by the cord always grip it firmly at the base.
  • Never touch an exposed electrical wire.
  • Be sure there is no water leaking on or near electronic devices.

Determining Power Strip Capacity
If you are going to use extension cords, power strips, or surge protectors with two or more appliances, you must add together the wattage rating for all appliances used on the cord. The total of those wattage ratings will help you determine which gauge size you will need.

Do the Math
Determine all the electrical items plugged into the extension cord, power strip, or surge protector. Determine the power requirements for each item, either in amps or watts. Locate the capacity of the extension cord, power strip, or surge protector you are using. Add up all the power requirements. This total should not exceed 80 percent of the rated capacity of the extension cord, power strip, or surge protector you are using.

Know Your Facility Regulations
Every company has a set of guidelines in place that help ensure facility safety. You should be able to find information pertaining to what type of devices (and how many) are allowed in your personal workspace.

It is your responsibility to review and abide by your facility guidelines. If you do not know where to find this information, please contact your facility manager, or building supervisor.