Construction Safety Talk Series: The Fatal Four

So many different activities occur in the construction industry, and with those activities come risk; at times, high risk. In 2014, 20% of workplace fatalities occurred in the construction industry, totaling 874 deaths. The Bureau of Labor Statistics identified four causes of death that were responsible for over half of those construction worker fatalities. Nicknamed the Fatal Four (also, the Focus Four), they are: •  Falls (accounted for 349 deaths) •  Electrocutions (74 deaths) •  Struck by Object (73 deaths) •  Caught-in / Between (12 deaths) These hazards are not exclusive to the construction industry, and these hazards, no matter where you are, can have similar results. After all, a fall is a fall, and electricity is electricity. Over the next four weeks we will discuss each hazard in greater detail, including: •  Fall prevention •  Dropped items / swinging items •  Pinch points and collapse areas •  Electricity dangers We will cover how to be proactive in the prevention of these hazards (which is most important!), and how to react effectively if an incident occurs. Stay tuned, stay safe, and For Safety’s Sake – Do Something! SafetyTip_Button