Laboratory Design Magazine Article: “Univ. of South Carolina, Horizon I Research Facility, Columbia, S.C.”

SSOE was featured in this Laboratory Design Magazine article highlighting a recently constructed five-story, 125,000 SF science and technology facility for which SSOE provided mechanical and electrical services, in addition to fire protection construction documents. This facility, referred to as Horizon I, supports programs in engineering, technology, scientific research, and industrial development of alternative energy sources—also serving to adjoin the University of South Carolina’s main campus and its “new urban ‘innovista’ research campus. Continue Reading →

Power Engineering Magazine Article: “CHP: Energy Independence Offers a Competitive Edge”

Economic analysis and design strategies for cogeneration increase industrial competitiveness. Tom Fitzpatrick, PE, Power Department Manager at SSOE, co-authored this illuminating article that highlights the benefits of combined heat and power (CHP). CHP — or cogeneration — is a sustainable energy alternative offering better efficiency and increased reliability at a lower cost. These benefits and other potential advantages offered by CHP can give an industrial company the advantage over competitors. Continue Reading →

Power Engineering Magazine Article: “Projects Illustrate Strategies for Comprehensive Design Tools”

Tom Fitzpatrick, Power Department Manager at SSOE Group, co-authored this content-rich article, published in Power Engineering Magazine, that explores the cost benefits of conducting a feasibility study during the planning phase of a project. The article highlights project examples where SSOE’s engineers were able to add even more value to a feasibility study with their ability to quickly and easily assess, and point decision-makers in the right direction. Continue Reading →

Food Engineering Magazine Article: “Energy Efficiency Delivers Powerful Savings”

The article, “Energy Efficiency Delivers Powerful Savings” in Food Engineering Magazine’s June 2014 issue examines options for facilitating energy efficiency as a means to boost the bottom line. Tom Fitzpatrick, PE, Power Department Manager at SSOE is featured in a sidebar Q&A to the article where he shares his insights on energy-saving technologies from an engineering firm’s perspective. Continue Reading →

HPAC Engineering Magazine Article: “What Now – Complying with Major- and Area-Source Boiler Rules”

Tom Fitzpatrick, Power Department Manager, provides tips and recommendations for meeting national pollutant-emission standards published by the EPA in early 2013 in an article featured in HPAC Engineering Magazine. The deadlines are approaching for compliance with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) new national standards governing the emission of hazardous air pollutants (HAP) from industrial, commercial, and institutional boilers. Since most major source facilities whose emissions exceed the standard will need to make significant capital improvements or operational changes, decision makers need to weigh the “what ifs” that can impact their compliance strategy. Among these are the future cost of natural gas; the likelihood of new and/or more stringent emission limits; and the potential for increased operating costs associated with the use of coal and biomass. Continue Reading →

Area Development Magazine Article: “Sustainable Sites – The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly”

Facility designs to manage stormwater are integral to a site’s sustainability, but they will only accomplish the goals for which they were designed if properly operated and maintained. Scott Speer, Senior Civil Engineer and Project Manager at SSOE, is featured in a recent Area Development Magazine article. Within, he explores the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to integrating stormwater management systems in the design of a sustainable site. Continue Reading →