Product Design and Development Magazine Article: “How to Reduce Cleanroom Costs by Using Less Energy”

Alan Liddy, AIA, NCARB, Senior Project Manager at SSOE, was recently published in Product Design and Development Magazine on the topic of cleanrooms. Alan explains that keeping cleanrooms clean can come at a lower cost, depending on the cleanroom’s classification, while offering strategies to cut costs without cutting corners. Clean standards continue to climb, but with a few operational enhancements, you can avoid contamination economically. Continue Reading →

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Magazine Article: “Virtual Design & Construction Brings All Parties Together”

In this article featured in the October, 2015 issue of Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Magazine, SSOE’s Ed Royzman, PE and John Gill, PE, PMP take readers through an overview of Virtual Design & Construction (VDC) and its role in removing barriers between the phases of project delivery. Royzman and Gill take a look at how the benefits of VDC were leveraged on one FDA-compliant pharmaceutical project – providing significant value for process validation by allowing designers, fabricators, and contractors to input detail into the model. This resulted in a more accurate picture of building conditions, with the added benefit of all commissioning and validation efforts recorded for future facility adaptation. Continue Reading →

Laboratory Design Magazine Article: “Lab Renovations: Four Significant Challenges”

SSOE Group’s Alan Liddy, AIA, NCARB, PMP, Senior Project Manager, and Deborah Suzan Huff, AIA, NCARB, LEED AP BD+C, Senior Associate and Architect, co-authored this technical how-to article in Laboratory Design Magazine. Lab design is unarguably involved and often perplexing, but Liddy and Huff share their lab-savvy design tips, offering solutions to four critical, yet common challenges. A project team equipped with details can ardently tackle these challenges by engaging intercommunication coupled with proficiency. Continue Reading →

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Magazine Article: “Critical Success Factors in Raw Material Storage & Conveyance”

Correct design basis requires deep understanding of raw material characteristics and facility conditions. Mark Hoffman, PE, PMP, Department Manager in Food and Consumer Products at SSOE Group, was recently published in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Magazine. Hoffman has over 30 years of experience in project and engineering management in the pharmaceutical processing, food processing, nutraceutical processing, bio-processing, renewable energy, ammonia refrigeration, and food ingredient industries. In his article, he explains how a consistently dependable environment for raw material storage and conveyance is imperative to practical and profitable production flow in pharmaceutical manufacturing. Continue Reading →

Pharmaceutical Processing Magazine Article: “The Elephant in the Lab Room – The Path to Resolving Storage Space Issues”

Architect Suzan Huff is featured in the April 2014 issue of Pharmaceutical Processing Magazine with an article on storage and space planning for laboratory environments. “Inadequate or misplaced storage space in the modern laboratory becomes that obstinate elephant in the room that everyone must work around, yet no one can seem to come up with an adequate solution to remove.” In order to resolve in the planning stage, Huff outlines the steps to achieving the optimal amount of storage space that’s placed in the most efficient matter --- using experience, collaboration, communication, and creativity as key elements for success. Continue Reading →

Laboratory Equipment Magazine Article: “Making Helium Worth the Cost of Recovery”

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) embarks on an ambitious recycling technology as helium prices go through the roof. Ed Royzman, Principal Engineer at SSOE, tells the story of how a research institution opted to make adaptive changes that not only improves its bottom line but also sets an example for the industry – promising significant long-term returns. His article is featured in the December 2013 article of Laboratory Equipment Magazine. Continue Reading →