SSOE Group Completes Site Selection and Due Diligence for Czech-Based Silon’s First U.S. Location

ATLANTA, Georgia, April 19, 2018 – Alexandra Segers, International Senior Account Executive and Program Manager at SSOE Group, recently attended the grand opening of Silon’s new manufacturing facility located in Peachtree City, Georgia—the leading polymer compound and polyester fiber manufacturer’s first facility in the U.S. SSOE was responsible for the site selection and site due diligence for Silon’s first U.S. location, supporting project efforts from its nearby Atlanta, Georgia office. Alexandra specializes in assisting clients with site selection outside their country of origin and was the perfect fit to help Silon find the right site for their needs. Continue Reading →

Chem.Info Magazine Article: “Increase Global Advantage With Energy Assessments: PART II”

Eric Hopkins, PE, Senior Chemical Process Engineer and Senior Associate at SSOE, continues his examination of the advantages of energy assessments in this Chem.Info Magazine article. In Part I of the article, he discusses the importance of planning and how to manage documentation and data disparities. In Part II, he focuses on strategy and involving key stakeholders to optimize the assessment process and qualify your data to achieve better results. Ultimately, a thoughtful, pragmatic approach to energy assessments will allow for continuous global competitive benefits long after the assessment is complete. Continue Reading →

Chem.Info Magazine Article: “Increase Global Advantage With Energy Assessments: PART I”

Eric Hopkins, PE, Senior Chemical Process Engineer and Senior Associate at SSOE, guides readers through the value of performing energy assessments to stay competitive despite the ever-changing market demands in this Chem.Info Magazine article. Although conducting an effective energy assessment can have its challenges and constraints, the in-depth data it provides often points plant owners to exactly where spending will be most lucrative for their specific operations. Eric shares his recommendations for navigating gaps in documentation and data and how careful planning upfront can make all the difference. Continue Reading →

Reliable Plant Magazine Article: “Optimize Manufacturing with Statistical Process Control”

Dewayne Galyon, Basebuild Technical Specialist at SSOE, dives back into statistical process control (SPC) in this Reliable Plant Magazine article. SPC—a method of quality control that assists manufacturers in maximizing production, minimizing waste, and keeping costs down—consists of multiple procedures designed to monitor conditions critical for maintaining process control, which vary depending on the type of facility. Dewayne walks readers through his guidelines for fully leveraging the advantages of SPC, which can make significant impacts to a plant’s bottom line when correctly applied to a process. Continue Reading →

BD+C Magazine Article: “Laser Scanners Go Handheld”

Jason Christen, PMP, Senior Account Executive at SSOE, and Mark LaBell, Senior VDC Technical Leader, were both featured in a BD+C Magazine article that examines the rise of 3D laser scanners, which have recently evolved into handhelds. 3D laser scanning is the fastest, most efficient method to capture existing conditions. In addition to allowing us to scan harder-to-reach places, handheld scanners provide the ability to show clients results immediately after taking a scan with a workable model showing an accurate representation of the facility—a major benefit of the technology that often translates into cost savings for our clients. Continue Reading →

SSOE Hires New Senior Account Executive

TOLEDO, Ohio, May 18, 2017 – SSOE Group (, a global project delivery firm for architecture, engineering, and construction management, announced the appointment of Brian Lloyd as Senior Account Executive. He is responsible for the growth of SSOE’s industrial process business with a main focus on services to chemical manufacturing clients. Prior to joining SSOE, Brian was a director of sales and marketing in the Cincinnati area covering the Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana territory. Additionally, Brian spent 9 years of his career working in a technical services consultant role, serving clientele in a wide range of industries including healthcare, higher education, utilities, and manufacturing. In total, he has 14 years of professional experience providing architectural and engineering services to commercial and industrial clients. Continue Reading →