Area Development Article: “The AEC Industry’s Transition to Net Zero Energy”

Senior Architect Jennifer Breault, NCARB, AIA, LEED AP, WELL AP, EDAC, and Senior Project Designer Jason Smith recently co-authored an article for Area Development—the leading publication for corporate site selection and relocation. In the article, they discuss how early, collaborative planning and design helps facility developers and owners meet their net zero energy goals. Read more

Giving clients more for their money through innovative software

In our latest newsletter, we are highlighting the outstanding performance of Jonathan Bolbach and Mark LaBell, winners of SSOE’s Founder’s Award. Their accomplishment — developing the AutoNavis software application — met two of the award’s key criteria: delivering exceptional value to clients by saving them time, trouble, and money and implementing an innovation that leads to improved processes and quality. Read more

Expert Article: “What HVAC contractors and boiler manufacturers need to know about the new Boiler MACT Rule?”

On December 23, 2011, U.S. EPA promulgated proposed amendments and changes to the National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants (NESHAP) for industrial, commercial, and institutional boilers and process heaters at both major and area sources of hazardous air pollutants (HAP) emissions. A major source is a facility that has the potential to emit greater than 10 tons per year [tpy] of any single HAP and/or greater than 25 tpy of total HAPs.  An area source has the potential to emit less than 10 tpy/25 tpy).

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Video: SSOE Performs Engineering for the First of its Kind Wind Power Technology

SSOE provided on-site assistance for the first beta site vertical axis wind turbine and will be involved with product development support for additional installations and further enhancements Read more

Four Roads to Energy Efficiency

Is your company eager to become more energy efficient and reap the financial rewards, but you aren’t sure where to start? Or maybe your company is one that equates energy efficiency programs to going on a diet. You know it would be good for you in many ways, and you keep talking about it, but you just haven’t made it happen. Now, with energy costs on the rise and emissions reduction legislation pending in Congress, there are more reasons than ever to commit. The U.S. Federal Government is one source for free tools and programs to help companies map out a strategy for reducing their energy consumption and costs. This article is an overview of the various programs, and ways companies can be recognized for their achievements in sustainability and energy reduction. Read more

Energy Survey

Once you’ve read our article on energy management programs, take our energy survey for a chance to win a solar phone charger.Find out how your company’s energy management programs stack up against others. Please take our short survey–just six minutes–to find out. All participants will receive the results and our white paper that contains more useful information about energy management programs.

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SSOE Group to Present on High Performance Warehouse Design at the University of Idaho

BOISE, Idaho, May 23, 2023 –SSOE Group (, an internationally ranked architecture and engineering firm, announced today that two of its net-zero energy experts will present as part of the University of Idaho’s Integrated Design Lab Building Simulation Users Group Lecture Series on Wednesday, May 24, 2023, at the University of Idaho in Boise. This lecture, titled “High Performance Warehouse Design” will take place at 12:00 p.m. (MDT). The University of Idaho’s Building Simulation Users Group (BSUG) is a collective of engineers and architects interested in learning more about and discussing topics related to building simulation with a focus on energy efficiency. Based in Boise, their audience spans Treasure Valley and a broader online audience. Read more

Plant Engineering Article: “Three Strategy Tips for Optimizing your Next Energy Assessment”

Eric Hopkins, PE, Senior Chemical Process Engineer and Senior Associate at SSOE Group, recently authored an article in Plant Engineering where he explains how better energy assessments improve a plant’s overall optimization and provides better data insights. He provides an in-depth analysis of three energy assessment strategies that should be considered to unlock value to improve your organization’s next energy assessment. Read more

Launch of New Blog Focused on Sustainability

SSOE Group recently announced the launch of our new sustainability blog. This blog provides expert views on sustainable practices and products from a variety of LEED Accredited Professionals serving various industries and representing numerous disciplines. Future entries will address a variety of topics ranging from the basics, to trends, tools, legislation, and much more.

A recent post on the blog site from Tony Damon, AIA, PS, LEED AP, Chief Executive Officer, who last year earned his LEED accreditation, states, “This blog will be another opportunity for us to share our knowledge and expertise to further the constantly evolving conversation of what it means to be ‘green.’ Our ‘sustainable’ perspective at SSOE tends to be fairly pragmatic. We have a LEED resume that we’re proud of, but some of our most sustainable work would never seek that recognition—things like helping an industrial client reclaim the heat that is lost in their process or a healthcare client select the right type of lighting to accommodate their needs and also save on their energy bill. The line between sustainability and simple best practices is becoming more blurred—which is probably a good thing. We hope our perspective on the front line of this evolving shift will be interesting even to those of you who might not be a traditional ‘environmentalist’.”

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60 Years and Green Frontiers

Room for one more New Year’s resolution?

SSOE is celebrating our 60th anniversary this year and we’ve decided to make it our “green anniversary.” Our focus will be on the small, incremental steps we can take as individuals to make a positive impact on the environment.

You have to know where you are before you can figure out where you want to go. If you’d like to join us this year, visit our website for a comprehensive list of quick and easy calculators you can use to benchmark where you currently stand, and resources that can provide tips on how you can make 2008 the year you embark on the green frontier.

Energy Bill 2007: We want your perspective

The most recent chapter in America’s quest for independence from foreign oil is the 2007 Energy Bill. Whether you’re a college student or industrial giant, its mandates and incentives will affect you. Putting the political buzz aside, we’re interested in knowing what you think is going to happen within your industry as a result of the bill. Can you give us five (and we really mean “five”) minutes to answer a survey? Just for participating, you’ll get a chance to win a $250 gas card, or have that amount donated to the charity of your choice.

For some background on the bill, read The 2007 Energy Bill on the first page of this newsletter. Then go to to take the survey. We’ll combine the responses and post the results. It will give us a clearer perspective on how this legislation directly impacts different industries.

Click here to take the survey and to be entered in a drawing to win a $250 gas card.

An Energy Diet for Industry?

Industrial plants have long been considered the villains in the battle with the forces of eco-friendliness. They’ve been known to consume as much of whatever energy resource is necessary to meet production goals. End of story? Hardly. Regardless of the type of facility, where lots of energy is consumed, there is energy to be saved. In industrial facilities, the opportunities lie in how to manage energy usage and waste. And you don’t have to be an avid environmentalist to want to save energy. Energy costs are rising and availability is increasingly unpredictable. It’s time to take a serious look at industrial sustainability options.

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Chem.Info Magazine Article: “Increase Global Advantage With Energy Assessments: PART II”

Eric Hopkins, PE, Senior Chemical Process Engineer and Senior Associate at SSOE, continues his examination of the advantages of energy assessments in this Chem.Info Magazine article. In Part I of the article, he discusses the importance of planning and how to manage documentation and data disparities. In Part II, he focuses on strategy and involving key stakeholders to optimize the assessment process and qualify your data to achieve better results. Ultimately, a thoughtful, pragmatic approach to energy assessments will allow for continuous global competitive benefits long after the assessment is complete. Read more

Chem.Info Magazine Article: “Increase Global Advantage With Energy Assessments: PART I”

Eric Hopkins, PE, Senior Chemical Process Engineer and Senior Associate at SSOE, guides readers through the value of performing energy assessments to stay competitive despite the ever-changing market demands in this Chem.Info Magazine article. Although conducting an effective energy assessment can have its challenges and constraints, the in-depth data it provides often points plant owners to exactly where spending will be most lucrative for their specific operations. Eric shares his recommendations for navigating gaps in documentation and data and how careful planning upfront can make all the difference. Read more

Food Engineering Magazine Article: “Lack of Specific LEED Certification for Food Processing Creates Challenges”

LEEDing the way for food processors looking to achieve sustainable operations.

SSOE’s Jennifer Breault, AIA LEED AP BD+C, Architect, and Laura Orlich, NCARB, LEED AP BD+C, Senior Architect, were recently featured in this Food Engineering Magazine article exchanging options and advice for food processors looking to go LEED. Without a specific rating system currently in place for them, food processors are left with a collection of potentially daunting tasks if they desire sustainable operations—with a plethora of certifications and levels to consider. Not to worry, this informative article reveals how LEED certification can still be a totally viable option. And even better, it’s a golden opportunity for examining the efficiency of your process and gathering insight into achieving tangible results on your “triple bottom line”. Read more

A Golden Double-Take: First Gold LEED™ Utility Facility & First Gold LEED™ Project in Ohio

LEED™, which stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is a voluntary standard for the design of sustainable facilities sponsored by the U.S. Green Building Council. Earning LEED™ certification – especially at the Gold level – means a business is extremely serious about safeguarding the environment.

The lengthy LEED™ certification process rates buildings in six major categories: sustainable sites, water efficiency, energy and atmosphere, construction materials and resources, indoor environmental quality, and innovation and design processes. Honda of America received a Gold LEED™ Award for their Central Utility Building, the utility plant providing power throughout the Honda campus in Raymond, Ohio.

Since Honda R&D Americas Inc. develops innovative technologies in environmental protection, performance and safety, its buildings utilize the latest “green” technologies as well. The award-winning structure, known as Building 10 on Honda R&D’s Central Ohio campus, supplements the original utility plant providing power now and into the future while meeting the goal of providing an energy-efficient utility operation within an energy-efficient building.

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Area Development Magazine Article: “A Business-Driven Approach to Utility Infrastructure”

Jim Lewis, Electrical Controls Department Manager and Principal at SSOE, recently authored this informative article in Area Development Magazine advising readers to take a business-driven approach to utility projects. Whether your project is driven by production capacity, energy efficiency, regulatory requirements, or environmental sustainability, the ultimate objective is to add value to the business. Jim shares examples showing how a utility challenge can be turned into a business advantage. Read more Article: “Case Study: Getting To Net Zero Discharge

Anna Koperczak, Senior Environmental Specialist at SSOE, recently authored an article on At most industrial sites, there are three waste streams that pose a challenge when it comes to meeting environmental regulations: wastewater, solid wastes, and air emissions. In this article, Anna explains how SSOE addressed and eliminated all three of these problematic waste streams on a recent state-of-the-art ceramic product manufacturing facility project. Read more

Product Design and Development Magazine Article: “How to Reduce Cleanroom Costs by Using Less Energy”

Alan Liddy, AIA, NCARB, Senior Project Manager at SSOE, was recently published in Product Design and Development Magazine on the topic of cleanrooms. Alan explains that keeping cleanrooms clean can come at a lower cost, depending on the cleanroom’s classification, while offering strategies to cut costs without cutting corners. Clean standards continue to climb, but with a few operational enhancements, you can avoid contamination economically. Read more

ENR Article: “Design Professionals Must Embrace VDC to Improve Their Profession and Projects”

John Gill, PE, PMP, LEED AP, SSOE’s Director of VDC, was recently published in Engineering News-Record (ENR) discussing the topic of Virtual Design and Construction (VDC). Gill has over 20 years of industry experience and was responsible for the implementation of SSOE’s VDC program. He writes on the many strengths the VDC framework has to offer our industry, and offers some tips for implementing a solid foundation on your next project. Read more

Laboratory Design Magazine Article: “Univ. of South Carolina, Horizon I Research Facility, Columbia, S.C.”

SSOE was featured in this Laboratory Design Magazine article highlighting a recently constructed five-story, 125,000 SF science and technology facility for which SSOE provided mechanical and electrical services, in addition to fire protection construction documents. This facility, referred to as Horizon I, supports programs in engineering, technology, scientific research, and industrial development of alternative energy sources—also serving to adjoin the University of South Carolina’s main campus and its “new urban ‘innovista’ research campus. Read more

Food Engineering Magazine Article: “Put positive pressure on facility airflows”

Mark Hoffman, Department Manager at SSOE Group, was recently featured in this article in Food Engineering Magazine. The article works to demystify airflow and room pressure questions in relation to food production, and offers expert suggestions to ensure cleanliness is achieved and cross-contamination avoided — namely at points in the process where the product is most vulnerable. From pressure differential gauges and processors, to filtration options and software tools, this article effectively covers a lot of ground, offering a collection of valuable tips that are far from intuitive. Read more

Laboratory Design Magazine Article: “Should your project undergo commissioning?”

David Wilson, PE, LEED AP, Senior Mechanical Engineer at SSOE Group, recently authored this article in Laboratory Design Magazine. The article explores when it’s worth it to consider commissioning for your facility through three case scenarios encountered by an HVAC commissioning expert. What is observed through testing and verification may prevent expensive operational problems from occurring, by detecting flaws and inefficiency prior to the end of the warranty period. The best approach is to be proactive in knowing what you need before it’s too late. Read more

Power Engineering Magazine Article: “CHP: Energy Independence Offers a Competitive Edge”

Economic analysis and design strategies for cogeneration increase industrial competitiveness.

Tom Fitzpatrick, PE, Power Department Manager at SSOE, co-authored this illuminating article that highlights the benefits of combined heat and power (CHP). CHP — or cogeneration — is a sustainable energy alternative offering better efficiency and increased reliability at a lower cost. These benefits and other potential advantages offered by CHP can give an industrial company the advantage over competitors. Read more

Food Engineering Magazine Article: “Stop the leaks before they stop your business”

James Yerke, PE, CEM, Section Manager and Senior Associate at SSOE Group, was featured in this Food Engineering Magazine article that discusses inefficiency and loss/costs caused by physical leaks within a facility, namely air and water, and different tools available to find them and fix them. Leak problems will exacerbate further as time goes on, increasing costs if not corrected. When it comes to leaks, it’s in your best interest to dig into the issue before the issue digs into your bottom line.

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HPAC Engineering Magazine Article: “What Now – Complying with Major- and Area-Source Boiler Rules”

HPAC Engineering ArticleTom Fitzpatrick, Power Department Manager, provides tips and recommendations for meeting national pollutant-emission standards published by the EPA in early 2013 in an article featured in HPAC Engineering Magazine.

The deadlines are approaching for compliance with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) new national standards governing the emission of hazardous air pollutants (HAP) from industrial, commercial, and institutional boilers. Since most major source facilities whose emissions exceed the standard will need to make significant capital improvements or operational changes, decision makers need to weigh the “what ifs” that can impact their compliance strategy. Among these are the future cost of natural gas; the likelihood of new and/or more stringent emission limits; and the potential for increased operating costs associated with the use of coal and biomass.

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Area Development Magazine Article: “Sustainable Sites – The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly”

Facility designs to manage stormwater are integral to a site’s sustainability, but they will only accomplish the goals for which they were designed if properly operated and maintained. Scott Speer, Senior Civil Engineer and Project Manager at SSOE, is featured in a recent Area Development Magazine article. Within, he explores the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to integrating stormwater management systems in the design of a sustainable site.

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Food Manufacturing Magazine Article: “What Steps Can Food Manufacturers Take to Reduce Energy Costs?”

Senior Project Manager, Bob Van Antwerp is interviewed for his perspective on issues critical to the overall food industry marketplace in Food Manufacturing Magazine’s July/August 2013 “Brainstorm”. Within, Van Antwerp expands on the following options food manufactures have to reduce energy costs – new technology, cooling load energy reduction, and utility incentives.

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Medical Construction & Design Magazine Article: “Rising Stars: Energy Star Hospital Certifications Steadily Increase”

John Gill, Senior Project Manager at SSOE discusses what he considers are the two main contributors to the rise in Energy Star certification in hospitals in Medical Construction & Design Magazine’s 2013 May/June issue. The trend toward increasing Energy Star certifications is positively reflected in the EPA’s most recent data for Energy Star-certified hospitals, which Gill partially attributes to sustainability awareness and outreach to heath care facility managers by the U.S. Department of Energy.

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Food Engineering Magazine Article: “Energy Management – Crunching the Numbers”

Ryan Beat, Electrical Engineer in SSOE’s Food and Consumer Products Division, is featured in Food Engineering Magazine’s May 2013 issue. The article focuses on the ongoing practice of reducing energy usage, Read more

Area Development Magazine Article: How VW Achieved LEED Platinum-Rated Construction

In the Spring 2013 issue of Area Development Magazine, SSOE’s Laura Orlich is featured and takes an in-depth look at how the Volkswagen’s  Chattanooga Plant achieved LEED® Platinum certification from the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) in April, 2012. Orlich served as the On-Site LEED Coordinator for the Volkswagen project Read more

The Military Engineer Magazine Article: “Energy Planning for Laboratories”

SSOE Group’s Ed Royzman, PE, and Meredith Mayes, PE, LEED AP, discuss how master planning and smart phasing are the first steps to reduced utility costs and energy compliance at federal laboratories that have outlived their electrical and mechanical systems. Read more

U.S. Department of Energy Announcement: “Innovative Concepts for Beneficial Reuse of Carbon Dioxide”

U.S. Department of Energy announced the funding for 12 projects to test innovative concepts for the beneficial use of carbon dioxide (CO2). SSOE chosen for Phycal LLC project. Read more

Area Development Online /Site and Facility Planning Magazine Article: “Beneficial Strategies for Sustainable Food Processing”

This joint article by SSOE’s Dan Messinger, PE, PMP, Senior Project Manager, and Michael Eschenbrenner, Senior Mechanical Designer,explains how the ability to manage water and natural gas resources in food manufacturing and processing facilities is key to cost-effective sustainability practices.
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SSOE Group Recognized as one of the Fastest-Growing Architectural, Engineering, Planning, and Environmental Consulting Firms in the U.S.

TOLEDO, Ohio, June 26, 2017 – SSOE Group (, a global project delivery firm for architecture, engineering, and construction management, has been ranked as a “Hot Firm” by management consulting and research firm Zweig Group. This ranking signifies that SSOE is one of the fastest-growing architecture, engineering, planning, and environmental consulting firms in the United States. Read more

Nashville’s Stratford STEM Magnet High School Renovation Project Receives LEED® Silver Certification with Design and LEED® Consultation by SSOE Group

NASHVILLE, Tennessee, May 10, 2017 – SSOE Group (, a global project delivery firm for architecture, engineering, and construction management, is proud to announce the successful LEED® certification of Stratford STEM Magnet School. A public school in Nashville, Tennessee, operated by Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools, the facility can house up to 1,200 full-time students in grades 9 – 12. Last month, it received LEED Silver certification under the LEED BD+C: Schools (v2009) rating system from the U.S. Green Building Council’s (USGBC) Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) green building certification program. Read more

SSOE’s Louise Schlatter Receives AIA Ohio Mentor Award

TOLEDO, Ohio, October 21, 2016 – SSOE Group (, a global project delivery firm for architecture, engineering, and construction management, is proud to announce that the American Institute of Architects (AIA) Ohio honored Master Architect Louise Schlatter, AIA, NCARB, for her role as a mentor to younger colleagues pursuing a career in architecture. Louise received the award in a ceremony at the Akron Public Library on October 7, 2016. The event was part of AIA Ohio’s 2016 Convention. Read more

SSOE Hires New Senior Electrical Engineer

TOLEDO, Ohio, October 6, 2015 – SSOE Group (, a global engineering, procurement, and construction management (EPCM) firm, announced the appointment of Joseph Hulderman as Senior Electrical Engineer. He is responsible for the design and coordination of high voltage substations, transmission circuits, and distribution circuits for municipal, industrial, and investor owned utility clients. Joe specializes in substation design up to 345 kV, transmission and distribution line design, short circuit, load flow, and relay coordination systems. He also has extensive expertise with SCADA systems and PLC and DCS based control systems. Read more

Tom Fitzpatrick of SSOE to Present at the 19th Annual Ohio Energy Management Conference in Columbus


COLUMBUS, Ohio, February 10, 2015 – SSOE Group (, a global engineering, procurement, and construction management (EPCM) firm, announced today that Tom Fitzpatrick, PE, Power Department Manager at SSOE, has been selected to present at the 19th Annual Ohio Energy Management Conference taking place February 25-26, 2015 at the Columbus Renaissance Hotel in Ohio.

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Tom Fitzpatrick of SSOE to Present at the 18th Annual Ohio Energy Management Conference in Columbus

COLUMBUS, Ohio, January 6, 2014 – SSOE Group (, a global engineering, procurement, and construction management (EPCM) firm, announced today that Tom Fitzpatrick, PE, Power Department Manager at SSOE, has been selected to present at the 18th Annual Ohio Energy Management Conference taking place February 18-19, 2013 at the Columbus Renaissance Hotel in Ohio.

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Bimbo Bakeries USA’s First LEED Silver Bakery and Distribution Center Certified with Design from SSOE Group

 Rockwall, Texas, November 14, 2013 – SSOE Group (, a global engineering, procurement, and construction management (EPCM) firm, is proud to announce the successful certification of Bimbo Bakeries USA’s (BBU) first LEED®- certified facility, a bakery and distribution center located in Rockwall, Texas.  The project was a design-build endeavor, with SSOE Group and Turner Construction partnering to provide design and construction. The facility recently received LEED Silver certification under the LEED 2009 for New Construction rating system from the U.S. Green Building Council’s (USGBC) Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) green building certification program.

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Two Schools in the Ottawa-Glandorf School District Receive LEED Gold Certification with the Help of SSOE Group

Ottawa, Ohio, July 03, 2013 – SSOE Group (, a global engineering, procurement, and construction management (EPCM) firm, is proud to announce their involvement in the successful LEED® Gold certification of two elementary schools in the Ottawa-Glandorf School District. SSOE originally worked with the district on a long-term strategic master plan for the entire Ottawa-Glandorf School District. They later performed the programming, architecture, and engineering services for both Ottawa and Glandorf elementary schools which achieved LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design ) Gold certifications established by the USGBC (U.S. Green Building Council). As the first schools programmed in a K-8 configuration in Ohio’s Classroom Facilities Assistance Program, each school was designed to maintain the individual identities of their respective communities.

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SSOE Group Recipient of 2013 Illumination Award of Merit for Interior Lighting Design at Slidell Regional Cancer Center

Toledo, Ohio, June 11, 2013— SSOE Group (, a global engineering, procurement, and construction management (EPCM) firm, was recently recognized with an  Illumination Award of Merit from the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) for their outstanding interior lighting design at Slidell Regional Cancer Center in Slidell, Louisiana. The project was submitted in the category of The Edwin F. Guth Memorial Award for Interior Lighting Design. The awards are based on complexity of the problem, overall concept including integration into the architectural design, and design solution including energy and environmental considerations as well as budget and maintenance concerns.

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Volkswagen and SSOE Group Proud Recipients of ACEC Engineering Excellence Grand Award for World’s First LEED® Platinum Automotive Manufacturing Plant

Toledo, Ohio, May 31, 2013 – SSOE Group (, a global engineering, procurement, and construction management (EPCM) firm along with their client Volkswagen Group of America is proud to announce that it has received one of eight Grand Awards for Engineering Excellence at the 47th Annual Engineering Excellence Awards—a national juried competition sponsored by the American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC). The award, presented in honor of the new Volkswagen Assembly Plant in Chattanooga, Tennessee, was presented to SSOE and Volkswagen representatives at an award gala in Washington D.C. on April 23, 2013.

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SSOE Group to Sponsor Energy Seminar at Maumee Bay State Park

Energy-SeminarTOLEDO, Ohio, May 20, 2013 – SSOE Group (, a global engineering, procurement, and construction management (EPCM) firm, announces its sponsorship of the first annual “Evolving Energy Landscape” seminar July 15-16, 2013 at Maumee Bay State Park in Oregon, Ohio. The one and a half day seminar will deliver expert information and insights about the energy industry’s complex and changing issues to arm energy users with useful knowledge to be better equipped to reach short-term energy goals and set a smart course for the future. Attendees will earn .7 continuing education hours for attending.

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Platsis of SSOE to Present at the 2013 Annual Business & Industry’s Sustainability and EHS Symposium in Cincinnati, Ohio

Cincinnati, Ohio, January 30, 2013 – SSOE Group (, a global engineering, procurement, and construction management (EPCM) firm, announced today that Zach Platsis, CEM, CMVP, LEED AP O+M, has been selected to present at the 2013 Business & Industry’s Sustainability and EHS  Symposium taking place March 26-27, 2013 at the Duke Energy Center in Cincinnati, Ohio. Platsis is an energy consulting expert in SSOE’s Toledo, Ohio office.

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SSOE Group and Evergreen EDC Announce Merger

TOLEDO, Ohio, January 14, 2013 – SSOE Group, a global engineering, procurement, and construction management (EPCM) firm, and Evergreen EDC, a multidiscipline engineering, design, and construction management firm, today announced a merger of the firms. The merger will expand both firms’ geographic reach as well as provide their clients access to enhanced services and resources. The merged entity will operate under the SSOE Group name after a brief transition period.

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SSOE Group Expands Southeast U.S. Presence with Second Acquisition in 2012

TOLEDO, Ohio, April 2, 2012 – SSOE Group, an international EPCM firm, announces the acquisition of CRS Engineering & Design Consultants, a 50-person mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineering firm with offices in Birmingham and Huntsville, Alabama. The acquisition will expand SSOE’s Southeastern U.S. presence, broaden CRS’s reach to international markets, and provide both firms’ clients access to enhanced services and resources.

CRS has been in business for over 36 years and is a multi-discipline engineering and design-consulting firm specializing in healthcare, government, higher education, and other institutional facilities. CRS offers services in electrical engineering, plumbing engineering, fire protection engineering, mechanical and HVAC engineering, lighting design, telecommunication design, and security system design.

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Volkswagen Chattanooga Becomes World’s First LEED Platinum Automotive Manufacturing Plant with Design and Construction Management from SSOE Group

Chattanooga, TN, February 7, 2012 – SSOE Group (, an international engineering, procurement, and construction management (EPCM) firm, along with Vertegy, announce their involvement in the success of first and only LEED® Platinum automotive manufacturing plant in the world. Volkswagen’s Chattanooga manufacturing plant was recently awarded a Platinum certification, the highest designation possible from the U.S. Green Building Council’s (USGBC) Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) green building certification program. Read more

U.S.- based EPCM Firm SSOE Group Acquires India Firm During its Most Successful Year Ever

Toledo, Ohio, January 23, 2012 – As economists debate the state of the economy and where it’s headed— SSOE Group, a U.S. – based engineering, procurement, and construction management (EPCM) firm is thriving. In recent years, in the heart of what some are calling a mild depression, SSOE maintained profitability and earned its highest revenue numbers ever. In fact, in its 2011 fiscal year, it posted its largest revenue in the company’s 64-year history. This is proof that SSOE is demonstrating some of the growth strategies and simple shifts in mindset that other businesses will likely embrace in order to succeed in today’s economy. For SSOE, a priority in recent years is a shift in international growth, as indicated by the recent acquisition of NKS Design Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (also known as d-Tech) in Mumbai, India.

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SSOE and Volkswagen accept 2011 Tennessee Governor’s Environmental Stewardship Award for Building Green

Nashville, Tennessee, August 25, 2011 – SSOE Group (, an international engineering, procurement, and construction management (EPCM) firm, announced today that it along with leaders from Volkwagen Group of America’s Chattanooga Operations accepted the 2011 Tennessee Governor’s Environmental Stewardship Award for Building Green at the awards ceremony held in Nashville,Tennessee on August 12th. Read more

SSOE Takes Top Spot among Green Design Firms in Industrial Manufacturing by Engineering News Record

TOLEDO, Ohio, August 10, 2011 – SSOE Group (, an international engineering, procurement, and construction management (EPCM) firm, has been recognized in several sustainable design rankings recently released from Engineering News Record (ENR). SSOE ranked 1st nationally among the Top Green Design Firms in Industrial Manufacturing. In addition, ENR also named SSOE 10th among the Top Solar Power Design Firms. Rankings are based on project revenue.

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SSOE Group to Exhibit at the AEP Boiler Reliability Optimization (BRO) Forum

Columbus, Ohio, July 18, 2011 – SSOE Group (, an international engineering, procurement, and construction management (EPCM) firm, will have experts on hand at the American Electrical Power’s BRO Forum on August 8-11, 2011. This event will take place at the Greater Columbus Convention Center in Columbus, Ohio. Celebrating its 10th year, the forum brings AEP employees and vendors together to discuss new boiler technologies and process improvements.

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Toledo Public School Foundation Calls on SSOE’s Alternative Energy Professionals to Contribute to “Engineering a Bright Future”

TOLEDO, Ohio, August 4, 2009—Jerry Carter, LEED® Accredited Professional and SSOE Inc., Senior Associate, along with Zach Platsis, Sustainable and Renewable Solutions Technical Specialist, will be featured presenters at the Toledo Public School Foundation’s “Engineering a Bright Future” event Thursday August 6, 2009 at the Main Library in Downtown Toledo’s Civic Plaza. The program runs from 5:30 to 8:00 pm.

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SSOE’s Sustainable Design Work Recognized by Top Industry Publications

TOLEDO, Ohio, July 30, 2009 —SSOE’s ( growth in the green building sector has been recognized in recently released rankings from industry publications, Building Design+Construction (BD+C),and Engineering News Record, (ENR) announced CEO Tony Damon. Damon, who recently received his LEED® accreditation from the U.S. Green Building Council, applauded SSOE’s top spot in the rankings. “An integral part of SSOE’s mission is to build our portfolio of green projects,” Damon said. “We have done this by establishing a strong corporate philosophy that reflects our green building and LEED initiatives. Our commitment to green initiatives is evidenced in these rankings.”

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SSOE Doubles Number of LEED Accredited Professionals over Last Four Months

TOLEDO, Ohio, July 24, 2009 – Since March 2009, SSOE has added 40 employees to its list of LEED® Accredited Professionals (LEED AP’s). That brings the number to 75 SSOE architects, engineers, managers and interior designers who have fulfilled the requirements issued by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). SSOE’s CEO Tony Damon, who was among the 40 new LEED AP’s, called the additions “proof positive” of SSOE’s ongoing commitment to implementing sustainable practices in every aspect of the Architectural and Engineering industries. “SSOE encourages its professionals to earn their LEED accreditation as a reflection of their desire to stay ahead of the curve in the evolution of green building practices,” Damon said.

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SSOE’s CEO and President, Tony Damon, LEED’s the Way to Greener Future

TOLEDO, Ohio – May 19, 2009 – Tony Damon, CEO and President of SSOE, practices what he preaches. As the leader of one of the nation’s largest architecture and engineering firms, he is committed to continue expanding the company’s green building portfolio. Now, Damon can count himself among a growing group of LEED Accredited Professionals (LEED AP) in the design industry.

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SSOE’s Zach Platsis to Present on Solar Power, “Building Integrated Photovoltaics”

TOLEDO, Ohio – May 18, 2009 – SSOE will have a significant presence at the Energy Optimization and Renewable Energy in Residential and Commercial Buildings Conference, May 21, 2009. SSOE is a sponsor of the conference. In addition, the company’s Sustainable and Renewable Energy Specialist, Zach Platsis, will be a featured presenter.

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SSOE Surveys American Companies on Sustainability

Toledo, OH – August 14, 2007 – SSOE, one of the nation’s largest architecture and engineering firms, is conducting a national survey on American companies and their sustainability goals and initiatives. For each response SSOE receives from their on-line survey, they will donate one tree through The National Arbor Day Foundation’s Trees in Celebration program. Read more

SSOE Architect Speaks on First Gold LEED Certified Central Utility Plant in United States

Louise Schlatter, RA, of SSOE will be presenting on the SSOE designed first Gold LEED certified central utility plant in the United States at this event sponsored by Green Energy Ohio (see press release below). Ms. Schlatter has developed many of SSOE’s green design standards and has been a leader in the movement to integrate these concepts into industrial facilities that traditionally do not seek out LEED certification. Read more